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  • Q1 of 8

    Choose your favourite coffee drinks.

    Select all that apply

    Classic espresso

    A classic, short espresso.


    Espresso topped with hot water.


    I prefer milky coffees.

    Flat white

    Flat white for my latte art.


    Coffee with chocolate!


    Black, longer coffee.

  • Q2 of 8

    Describe your perfect coffee experience.

    Select all that apply

    I enjoy choosing and grinding my own beans.

    With fresh beans

    I want quality coffee but without the mess.

    Push of a button

    I prefer manual frothing for a creamy cappuccino.

    Froth my own milk

    I enjoy experimenting. I am a natural-born barista!

  • Q3 of 8

    How would you describe your mornings?

    Select one that best describes you


    I need to get to work!

    Laid back

    I don't like rushing.

    With family

    Breakfast around the table.

  • Q4 of 8

    What interests best describe you?

    Select all that apply

    I'm a Foodie
    Travel and Adventure
    Home and Garden
    Cars and Motoring
    Technology and Gadgets
  • Q5 of 8

    What kind of party host are you?

    Select one that best describes you

    Party Liaison

    I love to host and entertain my friends.

    Family Entertainer

    It's mostly family time

    Party host?!

    I'd rather enjoy some 'me' time.

  • Q6 of 8

    What do you look for most in a coffee machine?

    Select all that apply

    Wide range of pre-programmed recipes.

    Colour of the machine, finish and lines.

    Ability to customise my own drinks.

    Ability to prepare drinks quickly.

    If you have limited space in your kitchen.

    Low cost per cup of coffee

  • Q7 of 8

    Which of these features are a priority for you?

    Select all that apply

    Simple to maintain

    Simple to maintain.

    Dual boiler

    Even faster preparation of milk-based coffee drinks.

    Grinding technology

    Fresh beans for aroma-rich coffee.

    High-capacity carafe

    Brew up to 6 servings simultaniously.

  • Q7 of 8

    Finally, do you have budget in mind?

    Select one (optional)

    I want the best!

    Happy to invest in my experience

    Value for money is important.

    I don't have much budget.

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