Making the perfect espresso - the basis of all coffee drinks

Follow our simple steps to make the perfect espresso, which forms the basis of all your favourite coffee drinks. An espresso is a single shot of coffee, distinguished by its light brown crema and strong, balanced taste. Here’s how to make it.

Espresso coffee is the Italian way of enjoying coffee: when perfectly prepared, a compact cream and a tiger-stripe pattern emerge. Finely harmonised acid and sour tones make for a strong and balanced taste. Length (from short – also called “ristretto” – to long) and aroma can be programmed as desired in all the De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee makers.

The Recipe

  • Step 1: Warm your cup with hot water before making your coffee, or place your cup on the automatic warmer at the top of your coffee machine. By warming your cup, you’ll maintain the perfect temperature for your coffee.
  • Step 2: Fill the water chamber with filtered, fresh, cold water. The quality of the water will affect the taste of your finished coffee.
  • Step 3: If you’re using a fully automatic coffee machine, simply place whole coffee beans in the grinder. Use the colour of the crema as your guide to determine your preferred grind. The darker the crema, the finer the grind - but beware, if the grind is too fine it may burn, creating a dark crema and a bitter taste. If you’re using a manual machine, place the ground coffee beans into the coffee filter, then level and tamp to evenly distribute it.
  • Step 4: Let your machine do the rest. Once the crema is a beautiful nutty colour, with a thick texture, your coffee is ready to drink.

Did you know

De’Longhi’s coffee machines feature conical stainless steel grinders that are calibrated to 100 per cent accuracy, to guarantee an even and consistent grind, every time. They only grind the necessary amount of coffee for each beverage you choose. The tubeless system also reduces the amount of ground coffee left in the grind circuit after each preparation, so only freshly ground coffee is used to brew your espresso.

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