Take a detailed look at La Specialista, 
the machine Jamie used to Beat the Barista.

Handcraft your coffee like a barista.


Craftmanship becomes smart with the De'Longhi EC9335.M La Specialista Bean to Cup Coffee Machine.

Release your inner barista and master the art of coffee making. Handcraft your coffee using café tools to experiment and personalise each cup.

Coffee made to perfection with just the right amount of coffee thanks to the unique grinding sensors for a consistenly perfect coffee dose.

After grinding, tamp directly in the filter holder by simply pushing lever down. Tamping will stop once the correct pressure is delivered.

Stable water tempreture during the brewing; two independent heating systems ensure no waiting time between coffee and milk preparation.

Simply choose between FLAT for hot milk or FOAM for milk frothing on the steam wand selector.

'Beat the Barista' challenge

Watch Jamie and our barista, Matt, swap their roles and go head-to-head in our ‘BEAT THE BARISTA’ challenge. While Matt is preparing a double espresso and a cappuccino, Jamie has to hit as many shots as possible at the crossbar. Once the barista coffee is ready, Jamie challenges his barista skills, while Matt aims at reaching Jamie's football hits.

See how Matt and Jamie finished the challenge. Do you think Jamie Beat the Barista?

'Beat the Barista' Part 2 Golf Challenge

If you watched our previous challenge, we have more coming. 

Watch Jamie and Steve Hopper in our ‘BEAT THE BARISTA’ Part 2 Golf Challenge. This time they will be playing 3 golf rounds while 3 coffee drinks are being prepared.

Each coffee will represent a different game where Steve and Jamie will show us their golf skills. In the time it takes to make an Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte, they will try to put as many successful shots as possible.

See who won the 2nd Beat the Barista challenge. Who do you think got the prize? 

Choose your coffee experience

Serious about coffee but unsure what the right coffee machine is for you?

We’ll help you find your perfect coffee, then we’ll show you the machine that makes it. All of our coffee machines are designed to deliver perfect coffee, but we’ll help you choose the best machine for your exact taste and needs.

Made By You

Manual coffee machines

Release your inner barista and master the art of coffee making. Manually craft your latte and experiment with each cup.

Made For You

Fully Automatic coffee machines

From fresh beans to your perfect cup of coffee with just one touch. Personalise your drinks or let the machine do it for you.

Coffee. Made for you.


All of your coffee shop favourites, at the touch of a button

Dinamica Plus

Coffee drinks personalised to your taste with an easy 'My Menu' option


Small and compact, for those with big passion for coffee but less space

PrimaDonna Class

Cutting-edge Italian design for the perfect Cappuccino or Latte

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