Ethical and sustainable coffee

Coffee is among the most loved and popular beverages to start the day. While coffee lovers are looking for high-quality beans, they are also increasingly becoming more conscious about ethical and eco-friendly practices in the coffee industry. Several brands so far have started working towards a more sustainable and fair-trade business model and if you are a fan of Percol coffee, they are amongst them. They are, in fact, the first Faitrade certified ground coffee brand ensuring their farmers fair payment, sufficient training hours and adequate working conditions. The brand is further focused towards plastic free, carbon neutral working process, using renewable resources, which are 100% compostable.

Fair trade is an important element in every industry but coffee farmers are one of the most vulnerable to market price crashes and fair trade is making sure farmers are protected, which is why many coffee consumers are looking towards brands that ensure fair working practices.

Another issue of importance for coffee lovers is whether the coffee they use is organic or not. Many studies have proven the health and environmental benefits associated with organic coffee and people are now more interested in purchasing coffee that does not contain any artificial components. Organic coffee is considered to reduce stress and boost happiness and is a well-known source of antioxidants that have a very beneficial effect over the immune system, which is why it is important coffee to be of high quality. Moreover, organic coffee does not have any harmful effects over the environment, crucial factor for coffee lovers with environmental concerns.

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