Nitro Coffee

What is Nitro Coffee?

Looking for a refreshing alternative to regular coffee? If you are a fan of cold brew or black coffee, nitro coffee might become your next favourite drink. Nitro coffee is a cold brew coffee, made with the infusion of nitrogen that causes the formation of small air bubbles in the drink. Nitro coffee has been popular for several years but it has again started to gain popularity.

Infusing gas into your coffee drink may sound unusual and a strange combination, but the result might change your mind. Adding gas to drinks is not anything new, it has been used in a number of drinks for quite some time. But instead of carbon dioxide, nitro coffee uses nitrogen, which ends in a more bubbly creamy texture. The nitrogen, infused in the coffee does not fully dissolve in liquid environment which causes the bubbly effect.

Cold brew coffee has a rich taste and aroma. Mixed with the small gas bubbles, formed by the nitrogen, the nitro coffee becomes a great fusion of sweetness, subtle creamy taste and great aroma. The rich velvety creamy taste together with the delicious cold-brew make the nitro coffee a wonderful morning delight. The nitro coffee doesn’t need any sweeteners as the nitrogen changes the texture of the coffee, giving it a naturally sweetened taste.

Nitro coffee is essentially cold-brew coffee that is brewed at a room temperature or below. Cold-brew coffee requires 12-24 hours of brewing and the result is coffee with much sweeter taste and less acidity.

The nitro coffee is distinguished by its creamy texture and refreshing velvety taste. Even when the nitro coffee is served black, without milk, it still preserves its rich creamy taste.

Did you know?

  • Nitro cold brew coffee contains 30 % more caffeine that regular coffee.


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