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We’ve done a little experimenting to find the best milk alternative to try with your favourite Flat white, Cappuccino or Latte. All your favourite milky drinks are available at a touch of a button with our Bean to Cup coffee machines, featuring the LatteCrema carafe.

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Milk is probably an inseparable morning companion for your coffee, unless you like it black. #Veganuary is here and you may be interested to see what dairy milk alternatives there are to try for your coffee morning ritual. If you long have excluded dairy products from your diet,  learn more about dairy milk substitutes for coffee drinks and which one would work best for you.

How is milk foam created?

Fat and proteins are important elements in making a strong, creamy and stable foam texture. When foaming your milk with the carafe, it undergoes structural changes to reach the final taste and look: milk proteins stabilise air bubbles but milk fat destabilises the foam. This makes the process complex and requires an interplay between milk proteins and milk fat to make the perfect foam.

Why substitute dairy milk?

Dairy milk consumption is on the decline, making non-dairy substitutes popular alternative. Apart from ethical and environmental concerns, substituting dairy milk may also have health benefits. Whether just a personal preference, health or ethical concern, substituting dairy milk has many positives and now there is an abundance of choices for alternative milk that you can try.


Why coffee and non-dairy milk?

Coffee loves milk. Your coffee’s final flavour is greatly impacted by the distinguishable touch of milk. Milk complements coffee, reduces acidity and adds different notes to your drink. Milk alternatives contribute to a different final flavour, texture and performance and the overall experience varies according to the milk substitute you have chosen. So which is the perfect milk pair to your coffee? 


Milk alternatives for your coffee drinks

Coconut Milk

Loved for its creamy texture and exotic flavour, coconut milk is a favourite among coffee drink lovers. With a more dense and creamy texture, it's a go-to choice if you like your coffee extra frothy. Distinguished by a naturally sweet taste, coconut milk ads a touch of a tropical note and creamy dense consistency to your coffee.

It has a distinctive flavour in coffee that many people love as it ads natural sweetness but sometimes it can overpower the taste of the coffee. Compared to dairy milk, coconut milk creates a more bubbly foam and is less dense. 

Coconut milk contains nutrients such as magnesium, iron, and potassium, as well as an acid that gives energy and has many health benefits. If you choose this alternative search for an organic coconut milk, usually sold in cans. 

Creamy Texture

Exotic Flavour

Naturally Sweet

Almond Milk

Almond milk is another dairy milk alternative with rising popularity recently. Made with ground almonds and water, this milk is lower in calories and saturated fat.  It's a perfect alternative if you have allergies as almond milk doesn’t contain lactose, soy proteins and gluten, but it's not suitable for people allergic to nuts.

Almond milk comes both unsweetened and sweetened which has an impact on the coffee flavour, with people often choosing the healthier unsweetened version. In terms of taste, almond milk has a nutty light bitter aftertaste and is not as high in protein as dairy milk which can result in a less creamy taste. Foam with almond milk has a silky texture and can create nice latte art. If you think this is the milk for you, plain organic almond milk is recommended. 

Creamy Texture

Nutty Taste

Silky Foam

Oat Milk

Oat milk is rich in fibers and is often preferred by health conscious coffee lovers as it’s low in fat, high in protein and has naturally sweet taste. Oat milk in coffee gives a wheaty flavour with thick creamy notes and nice foam, making it a dairy milk rival and liked by many coffee lovers.

The creamy taste and smooth texture that don’t dominate the coffee taste is why this milk alternative is growing in popularity. Even though it takes longer, oat milk is perfect for making a foam for your latte or cappuccino at home. It has a lower protein content than dairy milk and therefore creates larger bubbles in the foam but it is a great go-to substitute to dairy milk. 

Creamy Notes

Rich in Fibers

Naturally Sweet

Soy Milk

Soy milk has long had a history of a popular dairy-free milk substitute, preferred by some people due to its high protein and accessibility. Moreover, it has a similar texture to that of dairy milk with light taste that doesn’t change the coffee flavour which is a big positive for this milk alternative.  

Soy milk has a good stretch and can create a foam similar to that of dairy milk but can curdle in coffee because of the high temperature. 

Protein High

Light Taste

Nutty Flavour

Cashew Milk

Cashew milk is very similar in taste to dairy milk but it is also a more expensive milk alternative. Cashew milk has a lighter nut flavour than almond milk but still adds a creamy and naturally sweet taste to coffee. Cashew milk in coffee has a more bubbly foam than dairy milk and other non-dairy milk alternatives.  

Bubbly Foam

Creamy Taste

Light Flavour

Rice Milk

Rice milk is known for its light and refreshing taste and is an often preferred milk alternative by coffee drinkers with lactose intolerance or nut allergy.  Rice milk doesn’t have a dominant taste thus resulting in a more prominent and strong coffee flavour. However, as rice milk doesn’t have much protein and density it can result in a less creamy coffee flavour. 

Light Flavour

Bubbly Foam

Refreshing Taste

Enjoy all your favourite coffee drinks - from a dense and creamy cappuccino to a silky smooth latte with a milk of your choice. 

The LatteCrema delivery system allows you to adjust the level of micro-foam to match your favourite beverage. It automatically produces dense and creamy milk directly into each cup.

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