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From fresh beans to the perfect cup, discover De'Longhi fully automatic Bean to Cup Coffee machines.

Barista Quality

Extract a creamy, dense and aromatic coffee consistently every time using fresh beans without the mess and hassle. Personalise your perfect cup or let the machine do it for you.

Innovation & Technology

Our passion for great coffee inspires our commitment to innovation. Our machines are designed and engineered to make great coffee experiences easy for all.

Italian Heritage

Our machines are made by coffee lovers, for coffee lovers. De'Longhi are producers of the highest quality machines that continue to create the best tasting coffee year after year.

You're one touch away from barista quality coffee

Every step a barista takes to create your perfect espresso coffee is replicated inside a De’Longhi fully automatic Bean-to-Cup coffee machine.

How does a Bean to Cup coffee machine work?

  • Grinding
    Perfectly ground beans for the best aroma

    Using fresh coffee beans maximises the flavour of your coffee. The first step to the perfect cup of coffee is grinding your choice of roast beans.

    An even and consistent grind is an essential element in extracting the best tasting coffee. De’Longhi’s conical metal grinders are calibrated with 100% accuracy and are tested to guarantee the perfect powder thinness is produced. The grinding level can be manually adjusted with ease allowing the thinness to be adjusted according to personal taste and coffee bean blend.

  • Dose and Tamping
    The precise amount

    Traditionally, a barista will dose and tamp the coffee manually. This process is automated inside a De’Longhi Fully Automatic machine to ensure consistent results.

    Only the required amount of coffee needed for each beverage is ground into the patented brewing unit. Tamping the coffee with consistent pressure and perfectly levelled every time. Just like your barista does!

  • Temperature and brew
    Because Temperature is the key

    The correct water temperature is vital in producing barista quality coffee. The thermoblock system heats the water to the optimum brewing temperature, between 83°C and 92°C.

    This combined with the essential pump pressure, creates the optimal infusion conditions to ensure the full extraction of oils in the coffee, delivering the perfect flavour in your cup.

  • Milk texturing
    Silky Smooth Milk

    Your barista has perfected the milk ratio for each coffee recipe over time. De’Longhi coffee machines ensure your favourite recipe is created accurately with the right amount of milk to coffee.

    The LatteCrema milk delivery system allows you to adjust the level of micro-foam to match your favourite beverage. It automatically produces dense and creamy milk directly into each cup.

Enjoy anything from a dense and creamy froth to a silky smooth texture for all your milk based drinks


The Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee machines are engineered by De’Longhi to create exceptional coffee, delivering consistent result every time. We are proud of our approach to product innovation inspired by insights from households around the world.

Italian Heritage

Manufacturing domestic appliances since the 1970s (with origins at the beginning of the century), De’Longhi is an Italian family-run, public company operating with a unique combination of entrepreneurial energy and understated style. Our Bean to Cup Coffee machines are designed in Italy by passionate coffee lovers to the highest standards and are guaranteed to create the best tasting coffee day after day.

"Stunning to look at"

"My machine has produced nearly 6000 cups of coffee. This machine is stunning to look at, I just love how it compliments my kitchen and other appliances. My old machine was great but this one is a huge step up in terms of performance. It holds more water, it is quieter, it heats up quickly and holds nearly twice the amount of beans."

- R.B., London

"...The 'LatteCrema' system will make sure the froth is silky and smooth. There's also the option for instant "one-touch" drinks, providing the optimum temperature to make drinks such as a cappuccino, latte macchiato or espresso.."

WIRED Recommends, March 2018.

"With a chic, stylish design and painless operation, this machine will whip up velvety cappuccinos along with ultra-smooth espressos in no time using the PrimaDonna's simple one-touch functionality. The machine features a 15-bar pump so you can rest assured that the PrimaDonna will always provide the optimal level of flavour extraction."

Indy/Best, December 2017.

Explore the Bean to Cup range

No two coffee lovers are alike. With a range of De’Longhi Fully Automatic coffee machines to choose from, we are sure to have the perfect fit for you.

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